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Drip Irrigation System in India

Incepted in year 2001, we emerged as an innovative organization in the field of Agriculture Valve industries. We started the organization dealing in Irrigation Valves and have been ranked as the foremost mover engaged in manufacturing huge quality of Solid Ball Valves. Our manufactured Ball Valves, PP Ball Valves, Non Return Valves, Foot Valves, Irrigation Ball Valves, PP Drip Irrigation Ball Valve, PP Drip Irrigation Valve, Drip Irrigation Pipe and pipe fittings are best for Agricultural and Residential usage and have been hugely acknowledged in India and abroad for the same. The offered products pass through a severe testing and quality assurance measures.

Our brand named Drip Irrigation System is hugely well-known by the customers for presenting the most reliable and most accurate working valves. This capacity of production is the result of the extremely talented workforce and development departments. We are one of the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of the best quality of Drip Irrigation Valves, PP Drip Irrigation Ball Valve, PP Drip Irrigation Valve to the esteem clients.

Drip Irrigation System Manufacturers

Drip Irrigation is known as Drop by Drop irrigation or underground irrigation. We are reputed and well-rcognized Drip Irrigation System Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. The water which is distributed to the plants drop by drop to the active root zone of the plants is known as Drip Irrigation System. An irrigation methods that allows optimum application of water and fertilizers in farming systems in aided areas. In this process of system the water applied directly infiltrates into the soil irrigating the root zone influence through piping system and emitters. The water applied near the root zone spread laterally as well as vertically due to Capillary action in the soil

Necessities of Drip Irrigation

  • In the process of Drip Irrigation the water is used efficiently
  • There is no possibility of water runoff or evaporation
  • It reduces the water contact with crop leaves, stem, and fruits
  • For the growth of the plants the agricultural chemicals can applied very easily and more efficiently.
Drip Irrigation System in Ahmedabad

Drip Irrigation System for Agriculture

As we know that water is the most important element for the growth of plants, in the same way diverse plants require diverse quantities of water at diverse times during their growing period. For the growth of the plants the water is supplied through direct rain or flood waters for the rivers which overwhelm huge area of land during floods. Due to the natural calamities such as heavy rain that damaging the crops or creating a scarcity of supplying water for the crops, we are in need of an artificial method in which water can be collected and stored and can be used when necessary this methods of watering the plants is known as Irrigation.

Irrigation Ball Valve & System

Below mentioned are the few components of Drip Irrigation

  • Sources of Water : The sources of water used for Drip Irrigation is ground water or potable water, and the use of the water source will provide the large amount of water of good quality and at lowest cost.
  • Pumping System : The process of distributing the water from the water source to the field through distributing system is known as pumping system and it is even known as electric powered systems, gas/diesel powered systems, and gravity systems.
  • Distribution System : The distribution of water that may be above the ground or underground, and the pipes used for distribution are most commonly made of PVC or Polyethylene plastics. Further aluminum pipes are also accessible but it is very difficult to customize, cut or repair.
  • Drip Tape (drip tube) : This offered Drip Tape is used for delivering the water to each plant through a tin polyethylene tape or tube with regularly spaced small holds
  • Injectors : Used to allow the introduction of fertilizer, chemical and maintenance products into the Irrigation System and the most common injectors used with small Drip-irrigation System are the venturi injector.
  • Filtration System : The filtration system removes large solid particles in suspension in the water. The essential part of Drip Irrigation System is Filtration, A drip-irrigation system should never be worked without a filter System even if the filter requires clogged drip-tape emitters, often ensuing in poor uniformity and sometimes in crop loss.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation System:

  • Maximum use of available water
  • No water being available to weeds
  • Maximum crop yield
  • High efficiency in the use of fertilizers
  • Low labour and relatively low operation cost
  • Significantly reduces evaporation of soil water
  • No runoff of fertilizers into ground water
  • Allows Fully Automated Irrigation System, with consequent savings in labor. Controlling the rate of application is easier and complete.
  • Reduce the proliferation of weeds in non-irrigated areas
Drip Irrigation Manufacturers in India, Ahmedabad
Irrigation Valves, Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation Equals to Smart Irrigation

Now a day Drip Irrigation is as equal as Smart Irrigation which is the most efficient and appropriate ड्रिप इरीगेशन सिस्टम . With the help of Drip Irrigation System the instead of wetting the whole field surface, water is applied only to the plant root zone. The main motto of the Drip Irrigation is to apply the water at the time when the plants require the most for the proper plant growth. This provides a very favorable moisture level in the soil in which plants can flourish. While a Drip Irrigation is the best solution for Smart Irrigation, its execution isn't that basic and can take time. To guarantee great water the board and support, farmers needs to initially comprehend crop needs and field properties.

Install Drip(ड्रिप इरीगेशन सिस्टम) - Garden Drip - Irrigation Projects


  • Competent use of water, fertilizers and electricity in irrigation of a diversity of crops like Banana, Grapes and Oranges etc
  • Safety of crops and reduction of soil erosion


  • Garden maintenance
  • Land decor and beautification
Drip Irrigation System for Home, Potted Plants, Garden, Lawn

Drip Irrigation Accessories

Drip Irrigation Manufacturer - Gokul Valves offers a huge range of Irrigation System Accessories to modify a low volume Sprinkler Irrigation System to meet precise requirements with pointed ball valves, hose ends, plugs, clamps, punches, drip irrigation indictors, long stakes, insertion tools, drip tubing cutter, plugs tubing holder stakes and others that can assist in customizing your Irrigation Ball Valves & Irrigations System.

Offered Ranges of Gokul Valves

  • PP Ball Valve
  • PP Ball Valve Flange End
  • PP Foot Valve Flange End
  • PP Diaphragm Valve Flange End
  • PP Drip Irrigation Ball Valve
  • PP Union Type Ball Valve
  • Upvc Solid Type Ball Valve
  • Agricultural Ball Valve
  • PP Drip Irrigation Valve
  • Drip Irrigation Accessories
  • Pepsi Drip Irrigation System
  • Drip Irrigation Pipe
  • PVC Plastic Open Flange
  • PP Hose Nipple Flange
  • Drain Trap
  • PP Non Return Valve Flange End
  • Poly Fittings
  • Fertilizer Equipment

Applications of Irrigation Ball Valves

  • Chemical Industries
  • Engineering Industries
  • Food, Beverages, Dairy Industries
  • Oil Exploration Units
  • Textile & Process Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Petro Chemical & Fertilizer Industries
  • Thermal & Nuclear Power Station
Drip Irrigation Price India
Drip Irrigation System - Ball Valves

Drip Irrigation System - Gokul Poly Valves Pvt Ltd.

Since our beginning, we have been able to make a benchmark of accomplishment in the market because of premium quality and appealing highlights of our Drip Irrigation System. Our moral dealings and reasonable practices of the exchange have empowered us to win the certainty of countless clients all through the world. Aside from these, there are fluctuated other vital variables that are viewed as of most extreme significance behind the huge development and achievement of our firm. We have earned a great deal of trusts and massive thankfulness from our customers to offer the elevated requirement nature of Irrigation Valves and Fitting items.

Some of the reasons which give us distinction in the industry are :

  • Cost efficient products
  • Energy efficient range
  • Timely Delivery
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Ultra Modern Facilities
  • Customized solutions

Exporters of Drip Irrigation Valves

Export has been thought to be the most significant variable in driving conservative development of the nation albeit different components viz. Government consumption, venture request and settlements, among others have additionally been perceived as huge. We are one of the main Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Drip Irrigation Valves and Pipe Fittings. Our best quality products includes PP Drip Irrigation Ball Valve, PP Drip Irrigation Valve, PP Ball Valve, PP Ball Valve Screw End, PP Ball Valve Threaded, PP Three Piece Ball Valve, PP Ball Valve Flange End, PP Non Return Valve Flange End, PP Three Piece Threaded, Polypropylene Ball Valve, PP Clamp Saddles, Hdpe Longnack Pipe End, Hdpe Pipebore Flange, Hdpe Slipon Flange, Hdpe Sandwitch Flange, PP Socket Weld Threaded Tee, etc.

There is an ample opportunity of exporting these products in countries like Singapore, Uae, Qatar, Thailand, Kuwait, Namibia, Iraq, Roman, Bangladesh, Nepal, Algeria, Canada, Thiland, Philipines, Indonesia, Usa, Srilanka, Southafrica, China, Botswana, Oman, Egypt, Israel, Germany, Crotia, Malesia, Australia, Mali, Chile, Vietnam, Iran, Maxico, Morocco, Macau, Switzerland, Paraguayan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe, Venezuala, Tunisia, Korea, Maldives, Japan, Newzealand, Turkey, Peru, France, Austria, Argentina, Behrain, Belgium, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brunei, Bulgeria, Colombia, Argentina, Combodia, Camron, Cuba, Denmark, Ethopia, Fiji, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Japan, Hungery, Ireland, Italy, Jaimaica, Jordon, Khazakistan, Keniya, Zambia, Libya, Mauritius, Mynmar, Netherland, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Solvakia, Spain, Sudan, Swiden, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzaniya, Ukrain, Mexico, etc. and we have taken all possible measures to benefit this opportunity. The Govt. of India has extended many privileges like exemptions from Excise duties, sales tax etc. to promote exports in support of industrial growth and uplift of the Indian economy. Our main motto is to export all our Irrigation Ball Valves & Fittings products to all over the world.

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